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Headline News

Exclusive Streaming Channel

Posted on Apr 26, 2014

Real talk. I have always been very passionate about sharing our adventures in the Guild Wars 2 universe. As a fan of the original, I have always held high faith in Arenanet's ability to create a community and continue to fuel it with equal opportunity content. Unfortunately, this has failed for GuildWars2Live.

I love Guild Wars enough to hate it at the same time. The game is great, but sometimes it feels like ArenaNet's original mission has been lost. I hate blaming developers for anything though. I believe all games are beautiful in their own right and the amount of effort put in to building them should always be celebrated.

Sadly though, Guild Wars 2 could not uphold the interest for many streamers. From my standpoint, I like to believe that by supporting the game first, then more great things will come to Guild Wars 2. It has been a grand time to support fellow fans creating content, even if it isn't beneficial to us - but certainly to ArenaNet. Something, or rather many things, is just not clicking in though. Guild Wars 2 deserves more streams on more channels ... but that can only last to an extent. It is even worse when ArenaNet makes bias selections to promote.

On another note is a topic I hate bringing up. Lets make it clear that GuildWars2Live has never been *in it* for the money. In fact I have lost a lot of money. Not that I regret investing so much into it. Let us not forget the investments made by all members of the team, especially the original crew who went to all of the game conventions around the world to cover Guild Wars 2 reveals. Lets not compare our pocket hole sizes though. If money was that important, like a boss - we would have shut down so fast. Instead, we're happy with what we have accomplished here.

I don't believe that this is goodbye. Some kind of closure to a chapter is required though. GuildWars2Live.com will continue to be hosted to great expense - that is my donation method for helping raise awareness for some serious causes. I'm talking about coverage of charity events graciously hosted by Gaming World Entertainment Network and Gamers Giving Back. Meanwhile, GuildWars2Live will also remain open to others who want to use our channel to promote themselves. I think I have made that pretty clear on our latest "Streamers Wanted" news. This is a very low key format for the time being. I hope our viewers can respect this.

As always, thank you for tuning in.

Peter Chan

Thoughts On Megaservers

Posted on Apr 2, 2014

There has been exciting news evolving around the upcoming April Feature Pack to Guild Wars 2. The most excitement seems to stir from the renewed trait system along with new grandmaster traits, a new wardrobe system and balance updates. All of these are definitely seen as a welcome shiny coat of paint to the game.

Today's released news is certainly mega though! ArenaNet coined their new system of merging map populations together as megaservers. Instead of being separated into each of our own maps based on our home server, servers of the same region will be brought together resulting in a more populated map. The new system will place gamers together on a map based on their party, guild, language, home world, and other factors.

With megaserver technology, there are as many copies of a map as are needed to comfortably hold the population of players in that map at a given time.

Sounds familiar? Even though many of our friends have been separated by home servers, there have been times when we could meet up (within the same region) on an overflow without having to guest to other's home server. Essentially Guild Wars 2 has always retained the district system we loved in the original Guild Wars, but you could say that it was well disguised. In Guild Wars 1, multiple districts (or instances) of towns and outposts in Guild Wars would dynamically open to accommodate the population going there. Districts would often feel busy, especially for major towns where players would tend to switch up to the first few districts to be exposed to more people than lower districts.

Guild Wars 2 has not provided a method for players to distinguish one instance of an overflow from another, other than joining on party members to be reunited in a common instance. It sounds like megaservers will make this even more true since there won't be a home server version of an area anymore. Essentially every map (apart from town maps I believe) will be an overflow.

One could argue that this is a smart way for ArenaNet to merge servers without actually saying the word 'merge'. Server mergers of MMORPGs are often a sign for the nature of the game population. We'll never truly know how many times a map has divided itself into other instances. Ignoring the fact that the MMORPG market is very competitive, the emptiness we see in low level maps is largely due to the nature of how the game progresses. End game areas (as we know it now) have been more profitable to play in, not to forget dungeons runs which isolate a party from the rest of the world. Players only occasionally take toons to lower level areas to aid friends or gather low tier materials. If ArenaNet were to release an expansion to Tyria, those maps would ideally see a nicer population spread along with existing end game areas, due to the level 80 cap.

The introduction of megaservers will no doubt raise concerns regarding habits that players are currently accustomed to. In the future, how will we track boss spawn times, open dungeons, uncontested temples, harvest nodes and more? All of these things were previously based on distinguishing between home servers. Uness if megaservers instances are distinguishable, I for one welcome the returning need for exploration and map communication to accomplish goals. Much of the "living" nature of Guild Wars 2 has been lost to tracking tools. Can we finally stop telling newcomers to rely on 3rd party websites for hand holding?

Argue with me as you will. I want an immersive game, yet not a totally immersive game. Megaservers will additionally fade the lines between home servers and we'll have less of an idea of which server to align to. Gone will be the days of servers claiming the first victory on tough living story content, gone are the days of PvE politics (if such a thing ever existed). Your server pride will be limited to the experience in World vs World. Tyrians will be united more than ever. Oh wait I almost forgot, lets defeat Mordremoth before those europeans!

There is even more to come when ArenaNet reveals their plans to further facilitate friendly play in the coming two days. Things are really shaping up to be a complete package!

Let It Live

Posted on Mar 31, 2014

For the first time in forever, we can't hold it back anymore. After running a Guild Wars 2 livestream channel for so long, we have to admit that we're getting burnt out. How many times have we cringed inside whenever we submitted to saying "live" instead of "live" in our own name? English has never bothered us more. Continue reading...

Streamers Wanted

Posted on Mar 27, 2014

Once again we're looking for streamers to join our team. GuildWars2Live.com is evolving and we need the Guild Wars 2 community to help us continue going strong. We are one of the very few channels that continues to provide coverage of new content updates and special player driven events. Anyone can be a part of our channel, whether it be on a weekly or seasonal schedule. Our goal here is to deliver to Twitch a stronger Guild Wars 2 presence - and have fun doing it.

How is our channel evolving? Not only are weekly streamers welcome to be added to our schedule, but we also want to invite streamers who want to broadcast periodically - things that they are passionate about. This may include themed and organized PvP tournaments, or something as simple as showing off what your guild is all about in hopes to find like-minded viewers to join your cause. If you're really crazy, host a 24 hour marathon with us to raise donations for your local hospital. These are all brief examples of what we're open to doing here on GuildWars2Live.com. To further emphasise what we mean here, there are 3 categories of streamers.

  • Weekly scheduled streamer: You reserve and commit to the same time slots every week.
  • Unscheduled streamer: You are not required to follow a schedule, but must maintain a high quality atmosphere.
  • Exclusive streamer: You provide coverage for a specific event (e.g. a charity event or tournament) that overrides other regular streamers.

Tell us what you want to do and what you want to achieve! Your application is not limited to being a streamer. We're also looking for leadership roles, people who want to help organize future plans for GuildWars2Live.

In any case there are still requirements that must be met. We want to maintain a channel that has consistent quality, a newbie-friendly atmosphere, and a place worth hanging out on for constructive interaction. We run a very professional fan website here that is not to be confused with official ArenaNet. Here's what we require if you're interested in streaming:

  • Hardware to stream with acceptable picture quality and smooth frame rate.
  • A second monitor/device is a must for interacting with our Twitch audience.
  • You must be comfortable with expressing yourself, even while viewers are silently lurking.
  • Having a face camera is not required, but does help a lot with interaction.
  • If you don't have a camera, you HAVE to be very talkative.
  • Coarse language should be avoided.
  • Must rolls ads every hour. Revenue is used to support the website and do giveaways.

To apply, write to peter@guildwars2live.com and include these items in your application:

  • Subject line must be: Streaming Application
  • Self summary and goal for streaming
  • Speedtest.net result
  • Link a saved broadcast / highlights from your channel that best represents you. (DO NOT APPLY WITHOUT THIS!)

Hope to see you live soon!

Dungeon Saga Finale and Giveaways

Posted on Mar 5, 2014

In case you missed the note, TheSituation's "Dungeon Saga" is coming to an end next week. Only one more dungeon stands in the way to be conquered, The Ruined City of Arah. Catch TheSituation live weekly on Mondays to Thursdays at 10 PM Pacific. The last week of Dungeon Saga starts on March 10th at 10 PM Pacific, and each explorable path will be played out on following casts.

Check the schedule page for all shows in your timezone.


Our fearless heroes (so far), will also be doing tons of giveaways! Don't miss a moment of our journey through Arah and win some sweet loot while you're at it. To enter you must be logged on to Twitch.tv and following our channel when you participate in the live giveaways. We'll be giving away exotic items, gold, and gem items from the store.

Stick around right after TheSituation's dungeon saga cast to participate in some more giveaways on Ahlou's late night show.

Darkhaven Community Day

Posted on Feb 16, 2014

On Wednesday February 19th @ 12 PM Pacific (3 PM Eastern), turn on the stream for a special community day hosted by Omni Saints [Omni] and Risen Army [RISE]. Over $1500 worth of prizes will be given away - don't miss out on this one day event!

After the destruction of Lion's Arch, Darkhaven's community day promises a large scale event filled with events and giveaways to boost back Tyria's fighting spirit! Events include player-driven activities such as trivia, costume brawls, and four main events spanning the majority of the day. The Main events will be followed up by side events, expected to run past midnight (Pacific).

Main Events
  • Straits of Devastation Tour: Join us in taking on one of the more difficult maps in Guild Wars 2: The Straits of Devastation in Orr! We will be touring across the map, giving you trivia on everything that is Orr, help you and other players with Map Completion, Event Chains, and for the main finale, take on the Temple of Balthazar! Bring your friends, and join us in the fight against the Risen.
  • Guild Missions: Come join us over in Darkhaven and participate with Darkhaven's Risen Army [RISE] in a large scale Guild Mission event! It will consist of a Tier 3 Bounty, Guild Challenge, and Guild Rush!
  • Dungeon Tour: Hop on over to twitch.tv/guildwars2live to join us in a Dungeon Tour! Want to learn how to do a dungeon? Get some experience before trying it out yourself! We will do our best to go through every single path of every dungeon, and explain it as we go. Tune in and watch us succeed! (Or Fail!?) Giveaways during the stream!
  • Living Story: What will happen to our beloved Lion's Arch? Need some company to help you along in the Living Story? Come join us! We can't wait to see what ArenaNet will do next!

$1500 in both in-game and out-of-game prizes include codes for several triple A games, which are redeemable through Steam or UPlay, Guild Wars 2 gem items and exotic gear. In order to participate in Twitch giveaways, viewers must be following Twitch.tv/GuildWars2Live. Get more chances to win by guesting to Darkhaven and participating in the activities.

UPDATE: GW-EN.com's Malibu Barbie will be providing music for Darkhaven at some point during the events. Whisper "M A L I B U Barbie" in-game if you have a song request!

More information regarding this Community Day can be found on the reddit post here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comm ... rge_scale/

See you Wednesday!


If you have any questions, please send in-game mail to either Swiftimus.6579 or Neferteri.9104 for more information.

All aboard the stream train! Help Wanted!

Posted on Nov 11, 2013

If you are an experienced streamer and you play Guild Wars 2 daily, consider joining our team! GuildWars2Live begins a strong sense of community while you're playing and quite often more can be accomplished with another set of eyes tagging along. Sometimes our viewers like to challenge us as well, so hopefully you love jumping puzzles!

The position of streamer on our team is completely volunteer, but we do expect streamers to follow a regular weekly schedule with the opportunity to earn pennies from ad revenue if we're not saving up to do some giveaway. All of our streamers have made GuildWars2Live their own and stream for the fun of it. Occasionally we will cover special events by ArenaNet at game conventions or in-game player driven events, and you may be asked to help out.

Please note that GuildWars2Live is 100% neutral and only accepts individual streamers to commit to timeslots. Guilds will not be advertised on our channel. On the other hand our streamers are welcome to promote their social networks, their own channel, or other fan site projects towards the end of their shows on our channel.

To join us we're looking for a few things:

  • You're able to stream HD, at least in 720p
  • You are able to commit to at least one scheduled time weekly
  • You are comfortable with streaming
  • You are comfortable with using forums and Raidcall to keep up-to-date with the team
  • You have a second screen for watching Twitch chat
  • Ability to express yourself even without a talkative chat
  • A webcam is a huge plus, otherwise you must make up for it with your own voice
  • Personality

To apply, please contact Peter with peter@guildwars2live.com. Please do ALL of the following: tell us a little about yourself, link to your own personal Twitch channel, link to past broadcasts you are proud of, and provide the time slots you're available to stream with GuildWars2Live (regardless of our current schedule). Your past broadcasts may be of any length and must show your ability to interact with your audience or to speak your mind even when there isn't anyone watching. We will not accept Youtube links.

Thanks for your interest - we always look forward to hearing from new people!

Tips Before Pink Day in LA

Posted on Oct 17, 2013

This is another front page reminder that Pink Day in LA is almost here! Mark Saturday October 19 on your calendar. Pink Day in LA activities officially begin at 1 PM Eastern time, but the general partying usually starts several hours in advance as well!

Tune in directly to GW-EN.com radio (see the web player at the top of their page) to be a part of the activities happening within Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch.

12 servers are involved so be sure to check the supported server list over on the official Pink Day site: pinkday.gamergivingback.com If you're not on one of these servers then please guest over!

Pink Day in LA is sporting another amazing prize list from contributors coming in from all directions. Very recently DragonSeason.com added a tramendious amount of goods to the list. At the time of this writing, the prize list on the official site has not been updated to reflect this yet. For now, check out this photo of epic loot from DragonSeason!

Click here for the official prize list. A donation of at least $10 is needed to be eligible to win something shiny - HOWEVER, be sure to follow the instructions here before you finalize your donation.

The artists at Gamers Giving Back have also come up with this graphic to explain the donation process!

Good luck to all donators! Most importantly thank you for helping show that gamers can make a difference!

If you cannot donate, you can still help spread the word! If you're on Twitter be sure to tweet with #PinkDayinLA and your message may appear during GuildWars2Live's live video coverage. This is a new feature to our coverage this year and we hope that it further encourages you and friends to spread the word for a good cause.

That is all for now. See you Pink Day!

Meet The Streamers

Posted on Oct 8, 2013

We have a great cast of characters here on GuildWars2Live since we reached out to form a new team this season. They have each made GuildWars2Live their own and our viewers have made their experience a very enjoyable one! In return we're striving to entertain our audience and help generate interest for streaming Guild Wars 2. If you haven't been a part of every show already, here's a bit of info on each of our streamers!

Clouded Chimera - Every Weekday 4-6 PM Eastern
Clouded loves community involvement and every aspect of Guild Wars 2. Never missing a beat, we always see Clouded dive headstrong into new content and come out either victorious or trolled. Leave no dungeon un-crawled and leave no event un-memed!

TheSituation - Tuesdays to Fridays 12:30-3:30 AM Eastern
Oh yuuup! TheSituation lights up the late nights on our channel with peculiar situations. Still young to the game, TheSituation brings us a fresh look, one many have forgotten since the release of Guild Wars 2. By the way, this week's themed situation is hats!

Peter - Mondays to Thursdays 10-12 PM Eastern
Gotta go fast! Catch Peter racing to complete the daily achievements. When the adrenaline wears down, the exploration begins - or does karaoke begin? If you're new to Guild Wars 2, Peter has every reason for you to make it your MMO of choice.

Swiftimus - Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays 8-10 PM Eastern
There's never a dull moment when hanging out with Swiftimus. When Swiftimus is not amplifying the silliness of Guild Wars 2, he is tearing faces with his main Charr warrior. Tune in for variety, ranging from shenanigans to guild missions.

Naveen - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9-11 PM Eastern
Have your cup of tea and enjoy Guild Wars 2 with it. Naveen warms up the stream during the early hours with her wealth of knowledge and giggles. She has to be one of the biggest fans of the Guild Wars community!

DarkPyhton -Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 1-11 PM Eastern and Weekends 4-6 PM Eastern
Those gaps in jumping puzzles seem a little farther apart when DarkPyhton takes to the stream. Watching fails has never been more delightful though! Thankfully, DarkPyhton is invincible while equipped with "The Beard of Legend".

Kevinatdibbz - Thursdays to Saturdays 6-8 PM Eastern
Kevin plays a deadly Elementalist in PvP, plus a few other characters. Always up for a good fight, tune in and you'll surely learn a new trick or two. Kevin probably won't mind talking about Pokemon either.

Blueblob - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6-8 PM Eastern
There's a lot to say about Guild Wars 2, especially if you have 47 characters! Blue runs a chill stream and has no doubt been to almost every corner of Tyria. If there is something you want to see, Blue will deliver!

Align - Bonus streams
Hone your senses and put on that serious time face. If you're going into sPvP watch your back when Align goes thief, otherwise put on a hardhat for his Guardian. Things are going to get messy!

For all show times and upcoming special events, check out our weekly schedule page, available in multiple timezones.

Pink Day in LA - October 19

Posted on Sep 30, 2013

Gamers Giving Back and Gaming World Entertainment Network are geared to bring another great Pink Day in LA!

Pink Day in LA grows bigger every year, and this year GuildWars2Live will be providing the largest coverage of the event ever! In previous years, coverage of this event was focused on Lion's Arch on the Henge of Denravi (US) server and capturing Lion's Arch District 1 in Guild Wars Prophecies. This year our team will be covering Pink Day from multiple angles and multiple servers! Our camera crew will try to get close and personal with the special activities, check out the EU scene and more.

Pink Day in LA is only once a year so do not miss it on October 19!! The event officially begins at 1 PM Eastern and ends at 7 PM.

Tell your friends to tune in to our stream and spread the word even if they do not play Guild Wars. If you cannot donate, spreading the word to others is just as greatly appreciated. Donations go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society (who then reach out to other organizations all over the world). Commercial revenue gained on our Twitch channel (for the entire day) will also be 100% donated to the cause. Help us raise awareness and help those around the world who need it.

Music during the event is provided by GW-EN.com. Listen closely for your chance to win awesome prizes - like a Steelseries keyboard!

Tweet about it too! On October 19, tweets with hashtags #PinkDayinLA may appear on our channel for everyone to see. Let us celebrate this awesome day when gamers around the world come together to make a difference.

Find more information at pinkday.gamergivingback.com.

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