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Posted by PeterChan on October 1, 2012

Things have really slowed down here in the past month and especially since the release of Guild Wars 2. With today's news post I would like to cover some upcoming events and also address an issue that has recently come up.

First the bad news. Our Twitter account has been suspended. We had over 3200 followers on Twitter, a following of many fans like ourselves generated by the awesome stuff we do here and the great support we've received from many new friends in the past year.

This is a huge loss for us and for the community too. We used Twitter to promote community driven events, highlight Guild Wars 2 news and help spread the word on great GW2 videos by content creators. We've done nothing out of the ordinary to deserve this suspension, but it will be awhile before hear back from Twitter support. If you'd still like to get in contact with us via Twitter, please tweet @Peter_Chan for the time being.

If we had our Twitter account, we would be promoting Pink Day In LA...

Pink Day in LA is a community event hosted by Gamers Giving Back (GGB) and the Gaming World Entertainment Network (GW-EN). This major event brings the Guild Wars community together to raise Breast Cancer awareness and donations for the Canadian Cancer Society. It all begins on October 20!

This year, Pink Day in LA will be happening in both Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2! Similar to previous years, there will be many in-game, on-air and physical prizes to be won by participating in the event. As the name suggests, this event happens in Lion's Arch. Tune into radio on October 20th to enjoy the music and participate in the contests. The official event page and click the links at the top of the page for more information:

We will be streaming the event here on - so please tell your friends about it! In case you don't have one or either of the games, we'll be cutting back and forth between Guild Wars 1 and 2 for the complete coverage!

Help spread the word, so that we can show the world that gamers can make a difference.