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News » Halloween: Shadow of the Mad King

Posted by PeterChan on October 13, 2012

Coming soon to Guild Wars 2, the first major game update to include a number of new features and new content to explore.

It sounds like the Mad King started slacking at some point since classic Guild Wars. I didn't think he would actual get tired of his jokes, but I suppose things do change. Perhaps he has taken a long break and enough of the right insanity will bring him back with better jokes! Then again, as the title suggests, we may only see his shadow this time around. Lets look forward to a frightening entertaining Halloween in Guild Wars 2!

Just The Facts

  • Halloween events start on October 22 and run until October 31.
  • There will be new mini-games, new dynamic events, and an adventure involving 4 acts
  • New items are coming to the Black Lion Trading Company, including new costumes to play Costume Brawl
  • PvP Paid Tournaments are coming!
  • A variety of new content across Tyria

Read the official Halloween 2012 page.