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News » Gem Cards Coming To Retailers

Posted by PeterChan on October 17, 2012

Very soon you'll be able to find gem cards to purchase at your local retailers. This is great news for players who would rather not use their credit card online (nor Paypal). It's also a great sign that ArenaNet's business is growing rapidly. Below is a list of retailers that will be selling the gem cards in various countries.

Canada: Best Buy Canada, London Drugs, EBGames
United States: Fred Meyer, Hasting, NewEgg, Fry's, Amazon
Germany: Gamestop, Media Markt, Saturn
France: FNAC, Amazon
Belgium & Netherlands: Game Mania, Free Record Shop
Spain: FNAC, Gamestop
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland: CDON, Webhallen
South Africa: BT Games