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News » Pink Day In LA Has Begun

Posted by PeterChan on October 20, 2012

Pink Day in Lion's Arch has begun! That was probably the longest continuous pre-show ever! If you're not at the action and have Guild Wars 2, please tune into radio and consider joining one of the hosted servers for a day! A full listing can be found on the official Pink Day In LA page.

Events have been bought to you by Gamers Giving Back (and many community helpers!). If you cannot make it in person, in-game, just tune into to our streams here on

You can still take part in on-air prizes provided by radio even if you're not in the game, or by donating $10 or more to be entered into a huge raffle - again on the official Pink Day page. Be sure to check the prize page for important information if you're going to be a donor. Follow @PinkDayInLA for updates too!