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News » TAD Talk: Halloween

Posted by PeterChan on October 22, 2012

In case you missed ArenaNet's live TAD Talk on Halloween with Mike Zadorojny and Matt Wuerffel, you can watch it again here:

If you don't have 17 minutes to watch it, here's some quick notes!

  • Halloween content will be easily accessible to everyone regardless of how far you've taken your characters in Guild Wars 2.
  • During Halloween there will be unique resource nodes to gather (candy corn and more?) which can then be used to craft Halloween related items. After the Halloween event you'll only be able to get these resources off other players.
  • There will be additional content including new events, jumping puzzles (even in existing maps), new activities and new mini dungeons.
  • Achievements and dungeons will be more rewarding including karma.
  • As many guessed, the 4th "???" monthly achievement will be revealed tonight.
  • Matt mentioned checking out Fireheart Rise and Dreadnought Cliffs.

To much of the live audience's disappointment, guesting and PvP was not mentioned. There were many wondering about guild halls too. Fans are definitely pleased to hear that rewards provided by existing content will be improved.