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Posted by PeterChan on November 6, 2012

Martin Kerstein posted a heads up on the Guild Wars 2 forums regarding the upcoming content for November. There are no spoilers ahead, but if you don't want to miss a moment of Guild Wars 2 history in the making, be sure to make room for the scheduled times. The following is taken from that post.

  • On Friday November 16th at noon PST (20:00 GMT) the weekend will kick off with an Event in Lion's Arch that you don't want to miss. This will trigger events in other parts of Tyria as well.
  • On Saturday November 17th at noon PST (20:00 GMT), another phase will kick in.Each phase is triggered by a special event, but you will be able to enjoy additional content afterwards even if you cannot make the kick-off time.

  • There is one exception:The event will culminate in a big Finale on Sunday November 18, make sure you will not miss it. This will be a onetime only event chain that will run multiple hours, and it will kick off at noon PST (20:00 GMT).

There will be plenty of content available to enjoy that will remain permanently in the world as a result of the outcome of this event on Sunday.

Read the original post here.