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News » Humpback Whales Returned to Sea

Posted by CelestialCat on November 9, 2012

Rescue crews and volunteers cheer as the last of the beached humpback whales at Lions Arch were returned to sea. It marks a happy end to the tireless efforts that started since the humpback whales were first found in LA. Volunteers had worked around the clock to care for the humpback whales, with coordinated teams monitoring the whales, covering them with moist towels, working to pour water and feeding the helpless giants.

“It's not right to see such great animals like this” said one volunteer as concerns about the whales' health was the top priority as time passed, but not one volunteer was willing to leave or give up and with the unified efforts of all five races the whales were once again swimming in the sea.

While the Durmand Priory still investigating as to why the whales beached themselves in the first place, residents and other volunteers are just happy knowing that the whales are back in the sea and doing well.