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Posted by PeterChan on November 12, 2012

The official Lost Shores page has been updated with some tasty information, including a new trailer for the area.

Look forward to streams here covering the event. I've updated our schedule in case you need to figure out what is happening when on your timezone.

Apart from Lost Shores is many new additions not mentioned before. If you haven't been keeping up with all the details, this wiki page should cover everything that has been discovered leading up to this point.

New Dungeon: Fractals of the Mists

Many have likely completed their dungeon runs for the current Monthly Achievement, but if you haven't this is sure to be a breath of freshness.

You'll be pitted against a series of unique “fractal” mini-dungeons that get harder and harder as you progress, giving you unlimited levels of challenge! With great risk comes great reward, including new weapon sets, a back-slot item, new Ascended loot, and much more!

New Beta PvP Map: Temple of the Silent Storm

This new map promises to be more vertically oriented than existing PvP maps. Does that remind of something from last month?

New Lost Shores Items from the Black Lion Trading Company

Similar to Halloween in Guild Wars 2, more items will be appearing in the gem shop. Start saving up those gems if you want them! Unique minis and brand-new weapon skins made just for the Lost Shores weekend event are just some of the items mentioned.

New Ascended Gear & Infusions

We're really excited for this. Who wouldn't be for more shiny stuff? Our hope is that these new upgrades will be reasonable attainable cause this sample sure looks cool! [Image]

Official promotion page.