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News » Unexpected new wine sensation

Posted by CelestialCat on November 26, 2012

Centaurs are plaguing the lands of Kryta, and some have felt this more than others, such as the Winemaker Victoria. Victoria's story is sad like many others but as had a very surprising ending.

Victoria owns a vineyard just outside of the Shire of Beetletun in Queensdale, and had expected a fine crop, which was until Tamini Centaurs started attacking local farms. Sadly the Centaurs with no love of human wine left only ruined grapes and vines in Victoria's vineyard. Victoria pleaded with the Lord of Beetletun Minister Caudecus to help her rebuild her vineyard, but with increased attacks from the Tamini Centaurs, the town couldn't spare anyone to guard Victoria's vineyard. Intent on revenge, Victoria recruited some adventures to help harvest the ruined grapes, in order to make a very sour wine.

With revenge in mind, and the wine was completed, Victoria sent a sample to Minister Caudecus, who as it turns out was delightfully surprised by the aroma of the wine's bouquet and finish taste from the wine, and declared it the best in all of Kryta. Now, it is not known if the Centaurs had trampled a sugarcane field before destroying her wine yard, and with the hoof trampled sugar and grapes somehow mixing to create this fine wine. But it is known that Victoria is selling bottles of her wine, and can be found just outside of Beetletun.

So stop by and have a taste for yourself.