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News » Baldness Pandemic In Tyria

Posted by CelestialCat on December 9, 2012

Tyria officials announced that a baldness bug has been hitting people indiscriminately. It is not known if it is the prolonged use of hats and or helms, but reports have been coming in that it is not only limited to males. Females have also been losing their hair proving this isn't some new kind of male patterned baldness and has caused people to start panicking about their looks.

We interview a merchant about this matter who said “Sales have gone through the roof, I've never sold so many wigs and hair tonics like this before”. Every merchant we talked to assured us that merchants all over Tyria have supplies of wigs in all sizes, and varieties are well stocked. Also merchants have increased supplies of Self-Style Hair Kits and that a new tonic to fight this onset of baldness is available all across Tyria.

Durmand Priory officials have also assured us that research into this new plague of baldness is being investigated and will post their findings on their Owlfeed. The Priory has also advised that people using hats and or helms for long periods should take care to clean them often and to not use them indoors if possible.