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News » Wintersday has arrived

Posted by CelestialCat on December 15, 2012

Wintersday has arrived and while it may have the longest nights (or days) of the year. Everyone likes an excuse to party and Wintersday is no exception. With toys, games, food and drinks this Wintersday will be a blast. Join in the festivities for some snowball fights, or try your skills at the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, or if you're feeling a little musical, then join the Bell Choir and ring those bells. These just so much to do and gifts too.

Tixx has also arrived in his giant flying wondrous workshop and has made his first stop at the Grove bringing toys for all but needs a little help in the Infinirarium as Skritt have been messing about. If you help out in the Infinirarium you'll get your own toy, some assembly required.

So join us this Wintersday and blast the nights away.