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News » Happy 1326 AE

Posted by CelestialCat on January 1, 2013

We party as the year of 1325 AE (aka 2012) ends and we move into the next with drinking, brawling and all around merrymaking. It has been a good year for many thou some never lived to see the change of dates. We have lost a number of good souls in the fight against the elder dragons but with the year of the dragon having passed and we now welcome in the new year of the snake, things can only get better.

Expect new battles and new places along with new challenges as we enter the New Year, as things are ever changing in the lands of Tyria. And, while we enter the new year partying and thinking back on the year passed, please remember to take it easy and not party too much, no one likes a mean drunk, or to fish one out of the drink. So drink responsible and

Happy 1326 AE!