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News » Guild Wars 2 CE Contest Winner

Posted by PeterChan on March 4, 2013

Finally it's time to announce our winner for the signed Collector's Edition of Guild Wars 2. Again our team would like to give huge thanks to ArenaNet for showing continued support for fan sites like ours. The CE box is certainly one of a kind having really too many signatures to count on all its sides. I certainly think that the box is worth more than the contests within.

If you missed it, we asked our readers/viewers to submit 3 screenshots from Guild Wars 2 and explain why that location would be somewhere they would take their date. Assuming that most if not all of our readers already play the game themselves it would certainly be a nice gift to another friend or loved one to join you in the Guild Wars 2 universe.

So our winner for this fabulous prize is... Ceithlenn! Congratulations!

The few entries we received for this contest were all nice, but by team vote it seems that Ceithlenn's contest entry certainly touched a softer spot in our hearts. See the winning entry here. Ceithlenn, please check your forum messages/email to get a hold of us!

Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope the contest didn't take away too much from your Valentines when it was announced and that you had a little fun with it. You are brave souls for sharing glimpse of your big heart. :)