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News » Living World - Yay or nay?

Posted by Align on July 2, 2013

Yesterday on July 2nd, news came out from ArenaNet on what we can expect from Guild Wars 2 in the coming months. It was presented in a blog post and a video where Colin Johanson talks about the Living World and what we can expect from updates.

ArenaNet has been incredibly good at putting out a constant flow of updates for the game through the living story these past few months, with a small team working on these new small events to test out different ideas. But now they are turning up the flow of updates to an update every two weeks!

As they say themselves.
“To make the world of Tyria feel alive, first and foremost it needs to frequently update and change. We're excited to announce we have adopted a two-week major release cadence going forward for Guild Wars 2.”
We can expect updates to include both new content in new areas as well as updates to old areas. Old content will be refined and events will be created that will change the old landscape of the game as we know it.

I think the goal of what ArenaNet is trying to do with Guild Wars 2 right now is very noble. No other MMO has ever put out this much free content so fast! But I can't help to think quality over quantity. Colin Johanson addressed this a bit in the video himself, by stating that they now have four different teams working on individual content instead of a single team working to put out content once a month.

I am not going to lie, I have personally been pretty unsatisfied with the content put out the last few months, the Living Story never had much appeal to me, and the Dungeons were rather unimpressive. Finally here came the Sky Pirates and the Aetherblade Dungeon, but here I have run into trouble as well, with my game starting to drop more frames than usual. I can't help but think this is because of the lack of time to optimize these new instances since designing and optimizing levels take quite a long time. Many game developer companies have whole QA teams assigned to optimizing levels, and with the small teams working on Guild Wars 2 content right now I fear for the quality of the updates. Also seeing my Achievement menu being packed with all these achievements I will never get because I wasn't around for a certain period of time makes my OCD go crazy, it's just a small thing, but I hope they do something about it.

Of course there was a mention of more permanent content added to the game, and I am hoping to be proved wrong in what I said here, and that we will see some more immersive storytelling and some new impressive content coming out of the new updates.

One thing is certain, and that is the next few months in the world of Tyria will be exciting for us all. Let's see if the devs can keep up with what they promise.

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