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News » Looking Ahead: Guild Wars 2 in 2013

Posted by PeterChan on July 18, 2013

Colin Johanson revealed huge changes coming to Guild Wars 2. You should go and read it all now. Afterwards, sit back and think about what this all means. There is a lot of great news there and having that knowledge is going to affect how you play next time you log into the game.

Just to point out a few things, crafting will be expanded to 500 levels from 400. The extra 100 levels involves crafting items that can only be done once a day and include materials from all tiers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is turning Guild Wars 2 into Animal Crossing. There are quite a few mechanics already that encourage the player to log in once a day. For the hardcore, having more than one Guild Wars 2 account is no doubt beneficial.

On the flip side, there are plans to remove magic find from equipment and put more emphasis on using consumables and acquiring account side bonuses.

A specific way to build a precursor is on the way, though no details have been revealed. For many of us the means of obtaining a precursor safely has been to farm gold in all the various ways possible. While I don't think this news alone will affect the price of precursors, the revealed method will certainly impact something - so we can only hope that what we're doing now is the right thing. WIll hoarders prevail?

Character progression has been pretty boring, admit it. Especially if you only enjoy playing a few characters out of the 8 professions and personal storylines aren't cutting it. Finally new skills and traits are coming. We always hope that this kind of thing would add enough confusion to the game to provide a false sense of balance and more focus on personal play style. I don't believe in balance, so I don't complain about it either - personalization for the fun!

There's more to the story, so again, read the official article and look forward to change.