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Posted by PeterChan on September 13, 2013

We're looking into bringing life back to GuildWars2Live and we need some help. A lot of help actually. Shortly after the release of Guild Wars 2 the majority of our original team has disbanded for one reason or another - mostly because life happened. In the short time since we started, huge accomplishments were made and we would hate to see that eventually go to waste. Our regular viewers have no doubt noticed the decline in shows here, especially after the last holiday season.

As always, we're hoping to build relationships which will benefit GuildWars2Live, its community, and the individual streamers.

Help Wanted

We're looking to gather a new team of streamers here to call GuildWars2Live their own. Steamers will have to stream according to a regular schedule for viewers to follow. We will figure out schedule times that work for each individual streamer. All levels of skill are welcome, as long as you do your best to enjoy yourself. You may continue to stream on your own channel as you please.

We may also require some volunteer moderators to keep chat clean and aid streamers.


I wish we could offer dental coverage. Instead, ad revenue generated from commercial breaks will be divided among streamers. There is ad revenue to be generated by highlighting Twitch broadcasts and uploading them to our Youtube channel as well. It will be pennies (and kinda rough) at the start, but we have some experience in growing a brand I think.

Of course, (we hope) that your love for Guild Wars 2 comes first before revenue! Honest passion for the game is the only thing we want to show our viewers.

Streamers are allowed to promote their own channel and social media sites, similar to Destructoid's Twitch format for those of you familiar with them. However as mentioned above, we really hope that new streamers embrace our channel and make it their own.


  • You must have a microphone at all times and be able to respond to live chat on a second screen.
  • A face camera is not required, but would definitely be a plus if you want attention.
  • At the very least you must be able to stream at 720p (or close to it) at 25 frames per second.
  • Other sources of music should be used at a minimum - and definitely not used to replace your own voice.


Please contact Peter at:
Tell me a little about yourself and include some information such as result and a link to your personal streaming channel.

Follow us on Twitter @GuildWars2Live and give us a tweet too! All of our streamers are on Twitter.

We'll update this news post with more information for frequently asked questions.

Thank you!