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News » Pink Day in LA - October 19

Posted by PeterChan on September 30, 2013

Gamers Giving Back and Gaming World Entertainment Network are geared to bring another great Pink Day in LA!

Pink Day in LA grows bigger every year, and this year GuildWars2Live will be providing the largest coverage of the event ever! In previous years, coverage of this event was focused on Lion's Arch on the Henge of Denravi (US) server and capturing Lion's Arch District 1 in Guild Wars Prophecies. This year our team will be covering Pink Day from multiple angles and multiple servers! Our camera crew will try to get close and personal with the special activities, check out the EU scene and more.

Pink Day in LA is only once a year so do not miss it on October 19!! The event officially begins at 1 PM Eastern and ends at 7 PM.

Tell your friends to tune in to our stream and spread the word even if they do not play Guild Wars. If you cannot donate, spreading the word to others is just as greatly appreciated. Donations go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society (who then reach out to other organizations all over the world). Commercial revenue gained on our Twitch channel (for the entire day) will also be 100% donated to the cause. Help us raise awareness and help those around the world who need it.

Music during the event is provided by Listen closely for your chance to win awesome prizes - like a Steelseries keyboard!

Tweet about it too! On October 19, tweets with hashtags #PinkDayinLA may appear on our channel for everyone to see. Let us celebrate this awesome day when gamers around the world come together to make a difference.

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