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Posted by PeterChan on October 8, 2013

We have a great cast of characters here on GuildWars2Live since we reached out to form a new team this season. They have each made GuildWars2Live their own and our viewers have made their experience a very enjoyable one! In return we're striving to entertain our audience and help generate interest for streaming Guild Wars 2. If you haven't been a part of every show already, here's a bit of info on each of our streamers!

Clouded Chimera - Every Weekday 4-6 PM Eastern
Clouded loves community involvement and every aspect of Guild Wars 2. Never missing a beat, we always see Clouded dive headstrong into new content and come out either victorious or trolled. Leave no dungeon un-crawled and leave no event un-memed!

TheSituation - Tuesdays to Fridays 12:30-3:30 AM Eastern
Oh yuuup! TheSituation lights up the late nights on our channel with peculiar situations. Still young to the game, TheSituation brings us a fresh look, one many have forgotten since the release of Guild Wars 2. By the way, this week's themed situation is hats!

Peter - Mondays to Thursdays 10-12 PM Eastern
Gotta go fast! Catch Peter racing to complete the daily achievements. When the adrenaline wears down, the exploration begins - or does karaoke begin? If you're new to Guild Wars 2, Peter has every reason for you to make it your MMO of choice.

Swiftimus - Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays 8-10 PM Eastern
There's never a dull moment when hanging out with Swiftimus. When Swiftimus is not amplifying the silliness of Guild Wars 2, he is tearing faces with his main Charr warrior. Tune in for variety, ranging from shenanigans to guild missions.

Naveen - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 9-11 PM Eastern
Have your cup of tea and enjoy Guild Wars 2 with it. Naveen warms up the stream during the early hours with her wealth of knowledge and giggles. She has to be one of the biggest fans of the Guild Wars community!

DarkPyhton -Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 1-11 PM Eastern and Weekends 4-6 PM Eastern
Those gaps in jumping puzzles seem a little farther apart when DarkPyhton takes to the stream. Watching fails has never been more delightful though! Thankfully, DarkPyhton is invincible while equipped with "The Beard of Legend".

Kevinatdibbz - Thursdays to Saturdays 6-8 PM Eastern
Kevin plays a deadly Elementalist in PvP, plus a few other characters. Always up for a good fight, tune in and you'll surely learn a new trick or two. Kevin probably won't mind talking about Pokemon either.

Blueblob - Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6-8 PM Eastern
There's a lot to say about Guild Wars 2, especially if you have 47 characters! Blue runs a chill stream and has no doubt been to almost every corner of Tyria. If there is something you want to see, Blue will deliver!

Align - Bonus streams
Hone your senses and put on that serious time face. If you're going into sPvP watch your back when Align goes thief, otherwise put on a hardhat for his Guardian. Things are going to get messy!

For all show times and upcoming special events, check out our weekly schedule page, available in multiple timezones.