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News » All aboard the stream train! Help Wanted!

Posted by PeterChan on November 11, 2013

If you are an experienced streamer and you play Guild Wars 2 daily, consider joining our team! GuildWars2Live begins a strong sense of community while you're playing and quite often more can be accomplished with another set of eyes tagging along. Sometimes our viewers like to challenge us as well, so hopefully you love jumping puzzles!

The position of streamer on our team is completely volunteer, but we do expect streamers to follow a regular weekly schedule with the opportunity to earn pennies from ad revenue if we're not saving up to do some giveaway. All of our streamers have made GuildWars2Live their own and stream for the fun of it. Occasionally we will cover special events by ArenaNet at game conventions or in-game player driven events, and you may be asked to help out.

Please note that GuildWars2Live is 100% neutral and only accepts individual streamers to commit to timeslots. Guilds will not be advertised on our channel. On the other hand our streamers are welcome to promote their social networks, their own channel, or other fan site projects towards the end of their shows on our channel.

To join us we're looking for a few things:

  • You're able to stream HD, at least in 720p
  • You are able to commit to at least one scheduled time weekly
  • You are comfortable with streaming
  • You are comfortable with using forums and Raidcall to keep up-to-date with the team
  • You have a second screen for watching Twitch chat
  • Ability to express yourself even without a talkative chat
  • A webcam is a huge plus, otherwise you must make up for it with your own voice
  • Personality

To apply, please contact Peter with Please do ALL of the following: tell us a little about yourself, link to your own personal Twitch channel, link to past broadcasts you are proud of, and provide the time slots you're available to stream with GuildWars2Live (regardless of our current schedule). Your past broadcasts may be of any length and must show your ability to interact with your audience or to speak your mind even when there isn't anyone watching. We will not accept Youtube links.

Thanks for your interest - we always look forward to hearing from new people!