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Posted by PeterChan on April 26, 2014

Real talk. I have always been very passionate about sharing our adventures in the Guild Wars 2 universe. As a fan of the original, I have always held high faith in Arenanet's ability to create a community and continue to fuel it with equal opportunity content. Unfortunately, this has failed for GuildWars2Live.

I love Guild Wars enough to hate it at the same time. The game is great, but sometimes it feels like ArenaNet's original mission has been lost. I hate blaming developers for anything though. I believe all games are beautiful in their own right and the amount of effort put in to building them should always be celebrated.

Sadly though, Guild Wars 2 could not uphold the interest for many streamers. From my standpoint, I like to believe that by supporting the game first, then more great things will come to Guild Wars 2. It has been a grand time to support fellow fans creating content, even if it isn't beneficial to us - but certainly to ArenaNet. Something, or rather many things, is just not clicking in though. Guild Wars 2 deserves more streams on more channels ... but that can only last to an extent. It is even worse when ArenaNet makes bias selections to promote.

On another note is a topic I hate bringing up. Lets make it clear that GuildWars2Live has never been *in it* for the money. In fact I have lost a lot of money. Not that I regret investing so much into it. Let us not forget the investments made by all members of the team, especially the original crew who went to all of the game conventions around the world to cover Guild Wars 2 reveals. Lets not compare our pocket hole sizes though. If money was that important, like a boss - we would have shut down so fast. Instead, we're happy with what we have accomplished here.

I don't believe that this is goodbye. Some kind of closure to a chapter is required though. will continue to be hosted to great expense - that is my donation method for helping raise awareness for some serious causes. I'm talking about coverage of charity events graciously hosted by Gaming World Entertainment Network and Gamers Giving Back. Meanwhile, GuildWars2Live will also remain open to others who want to use our channel to promote themselves. I think I have made that pretty clear on our latest "Streamers Wanted" news. This is a very low key format for the time being. I hope our viewers can respect this.

As always, thank you for tuning in.

Peter Chan