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About Us is a live streaming site hosted by fans to cover events related to Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet. Since we started we have brought live video coverage of Guild Wars 2 events from video game conventions including PAX East, Gamescom and PAX Prime. Our website is now focused on promoting original content made by other fans and delivering original news articles to an audience that is already in tune with everything that is happening for Guild Wars 2.

Everything we do here is about having fun! We enjoy entertaining friends and giving back to the community. We generate revenue from advertising in hopes for it to help us fund cool projects we do for the community and to fund giveaways during special events. Admittedly we do crave the attention (phew dodged the "W" word), but only because more people in the audience means more interaction on the stream, more fun and more giving back to the community.

We're hardcore fans of the original Guild Wars series and we hope be a leading fan site that nurtures the positive community we've come to love while going into Guild Wars 2. This means delivering news and content to our gaming community that is positive in nature, informative and educational.

We're also very open. We love to network, collaborate and promote others. We believe in focusing on what is important to ourselves and our viewers to present the best work that we can. Meanwhile, in areas that we wish to expand to we prefer partnering with others to bring the community closer together without spreading our own resources thin. We are all about having fun and making everyone around us happy, so it is critical that partners also share this mindset when working with us. We may not necessarily follow or link all our friends on our front page, but we love to give shoutouts to all sorts of people and other fan sites.

Please support our on-going projects, improvements to our website and shows, by donating, surfing our site or even just be tuning in! Every little bit helps us a long way to providing entertainment free to the public while having limitless fun!

The Neutral Zone

Guild Wars 2, being the next most anticipated and potentially the first most e-sport worthy MMORPG is now at the center of attention when it comes to guilds. GuildWars2Live is definitely not a guild and we do not allow guilds to promote themselves in any of our live chat systems. We do however allow guilds to post on our guild forum.

Going against my own word though, we do in fact have our own guild mainly for the purpose of linking our staff together in-game and for people who are interested in hanging out with us. Essentially our guild is a like Facebook group. Our guild is a fan site organization, with zero tolerance for drama and holds no competition with any other specific guild.

On the other hand we have introduced Guild Hours to our programming. Guilds can work with us to schedule a specific time when they stream with us. This gives guilds in our community an opportunity to present themselves when viewers are willing to watch. It also adds greater variety to our stream since guilds cherish this privilege given to them. If you are an interested guild, then keep an eye on our news!


We hold a close friendly partnership with, an Internet radio station focused on providing awesome music and in-game loot prizes to Guild Wars players. also hosts Gamers Giving Back, which does charity events and large community events that we love to cover on our stream.

GuildWars2Live also holds partnerships with, and even Curse Network. They play a vital role in supporting what we do here and enabling viewers to support us simply by watching.


As always, we want to give thanks to all the viewers, donators and special guests to our website for supporting the loads of fun we have here!

- Peter Chan, GuildWars2Live Founder