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Posted by PeterChan on February 17, 2012

Welcome to the first round-up by Guild Wars 2 Live! It has certainly been a long week with the Guild Wars 2 Press Beta NDA on our minds. In the meantime a lot of great articles have popped out so we'd like to share the ones we liked most in case you missed them! Additionally we hope that pointing our viewers to great articles will continue to set the right example for our community going into Guild Wars 2, especially if you are new to ArenaNet's IP.

Valentine's in Dragon-Blasted Times (
You may or may not have decided upon your favourite race yet. Such a love should take some commitment! However, do you know how your favourite race would spend its Valentine's Day? You should read this article by Distilled before you propose to your Norn girlfriend while riding a battle golem.

Letters of Love (
GuildMag's Valiant put love under the microscope by sharing letters sent out this week. It probably isn't legal to open other people's letters, but it's truly a fun read - especially following our previous link to TalkTyria. Definitely retweet this one!

Shiverpeaks Archaeology and the Jotun (
If you have a love for lore then check out this quick write up, also from GuildMag. Last month's blog post on ArenaNet regarding the race known as Jotun was quickly overshadowed by news of Guild Wars 2 coming beta phases as noted by Draxynnic. The significance of this entry might have been missed.

With the location of the fallen jotun civilisation now established, we can now look at many of the mysterious sites of the Shiverpeaks with new eyes.

WuvWuv Combat (
The biggest news this week is our first, most in-depth look at World vs World in Guild Wars 2. You've read the official blog post here - now what is your opinion on it? Ravious shares his thoughts on the blog post with comparisons to his observations of other MMOs that have had similar large scale battlefields.

In a World... vs. World! (
I've usually looked at things from a casual perspective and I can agree on the points that Dak has come to express here, under the Pale Tree. Let's read this post and agree that WvW is going to be one hell of a good time!

A Sleeping Threat (
We're coming closer to the end of the Press Beta NDA for Guild Wars 2 and the start of a larger beta phases. In any case, whether you get in or wait to take part in mentioned Beta Weekends, we should note that the dragons have been among us all along. If you don't know what I'm talking about then definitely check out the images and maps here by DragonSeason.

Reading takes up a lot of energy, so now here are videos certain to excite your hype-buds!

Watch Fan Trailer: New Heroes of Tyria
Watch WoodenPotatoes: No Skill Choice?
Watch Wartower Spotlight: Why The Developers Love It (Guild Wars 2)

This wraps up my picks for the best of this week's articles (and videos) by other fan sites. Next week we expect members of the press to blow our minds with new articles and footage from the Guild Wars 2 closed beta phase 2. Be sure to check back with for links to great videos and articles. We'll also be relaying direct links to sources as they appear via our Twitter page.