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News » Pre-Purchase Guild Wars 2

Posted by PeterChan on April 10, 2012

Pre-purchase is now officially open, you knew that of course. If you're getting the game as a digital download, you'll be asked if you have your Guild Wars (1) account to link it with. If you don't have access to your past Guild Wars e-mail you can still proceed by using a new address. This probably sounds confusing, but it's really straight forward on the purchase and we're glad ArenaNet has made it really simple!

Once purchased you'll receive an e-mail with your CD-Key. There's no rush to get registered at this time, especially with the high traffic causing a 502 error at the end, so relax! ArenaNet has already taken your money!

If you're still concerned about securing your purchase of the Collector's Edition, then keep an eye on GuildWars2 twitter and on Reddit.

We're almost there friends! Look forward to the upcoming beta weekend at the end of this month. Please tune in to our stream as well during that time. There's only so much you can experience by yourself in one weekend, but we'll share our fun times with everyone! We'll also convince your friends why they need to hop on the Guild Wars 2 bandwagon if they haven't already. Those slackers! If you want to share your experience live with others too, it's never too late to join our team!