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Streamers Wanted

Postby PeterChan » Thu Mar 27, 2014 5:59 am

Once again we're looking for streamers to join our team. is evolving and we need the Guild Wars 2 community to help us continue going strong. We are one of the very few channels that continues to provide coverage of new content updates and special player driven events. Anyone can be a part of our channel, whether it be on a weekly or seasonal schedule. Our goal here is to deliver to Twitch a stronger Guild Wars 2 presence - and have fun doing it.

How is our channel evolving? Not only are weekly streamers welcome to be added to our schedule, but we also want to invite streamers who want to broadcast periodically - things that they are passionate about. This may include themed and organized PvP tournaments, or something as simple as showing off what your guild is all about in hopes to find like-minded viewers to join your cause. If you're really crazy, host a 24 hour marathon with us to raise donations for your local hospital. These are all brief examples of what we're open to doing here on To further emphasise what we mean here, there are 3 categories of streamers.

  • Weekly scheduled streamer: You reserve and commit to the same time slots every week.
  • Unscheduled streamer: You are not required to follow a schedule, but must maintain a high quality atmosphere.
  • Exclusive streamer: You provide coverage for a specific event (e.g. a charity event or tournament) that overrides other regular streamers.

Tell us what you want to do and what you want to achieve! Your application is not limited to being a streamer. We're also looking for leadership roles, people who want to help organize future plans for GuildWars2Live.

In any case there are still requirements that must be met. We want to maintain a channel that has consistent quality, a newbie-friendly atmosphere, and a place worth hanging out on for constructive interaction. We run a very professional fan website here that is not to be confused with official ArenaNet. Here's what we require if you're interested in streaming:

  • Hardware to stream with acceptable picture quality and smooth frame rate.
  • A second monitor/device is a must for interacting with our Twitch audience.
  • You must be comfortable with expressing yourself, even while viewers are silently lurking.
  • Having a face camera is not required, but does help a lot with interaction.
  • If you don't have a camera, you HAVE to be very talkative.
  • Coarse language should be avoided.
  • Must rolls ads every hour. Revenue is used to support the website and do giveaways.

To apply, write to and include these items in your application:

  • Subject line must be: Streaming Application
  • Self summary and goal for streaming
  • result
  • Link a saved broadcast / highlights from your channel that best represents you. (DO NOT APPLY WITHOUT THIS!)

Hope to see you live soon!

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