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Let It Live

Postby PeterChan » Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:48 pm

For the first time in forever, we can't hold it back anymore. After running a Guild Wars 2 livestream channel for so long, we have to admit that we're getting burnt out. How many times have we cringed inside whenever we submitted to saying "live" instead of "live" in our own name? English has never bothered us more.

Ever since GuildWars2Live.com set sail to PAX East, the team had to accept the fact that people kept saying "live" as if the moments we share on our channel happen in real-time. This was never the original intention though. When we say the "live" in GuildWars2Live, we actually mean the act of living. Even Hollywood knows what it means to live [than just survive]. The Internet needs to get in the program, but it's too slow.

In Q2 of 2013, ArenaNet opted to call their latest beta phase "Living Story" instead of "Live Updates", as an honorable nod to the true nature of "live" in the GuildWars2Live brand. The idea never caught on and thus resulted in viewers only tuning in whenever our channel's status changed from offline to live. If only people knew that we lived 25/7 in this game, I'm sure they would have never turned their backs on us.

It's a love-hate relationship that has been there from the very start. The staff love streaming Guild Wars 2 on GuildWars2Live just as much as they hate it. It's like a little sister. We're the big daddy and we absolutely adore her, but we're living in the world of fools, trying to tear us apart.

"It's really insulting and I don't know what to say, nor who to blame. It's either point out that people are misinformed, or continue to pull an act of true Rob Ford", says Peter, founder of Guild Wars 2 Live. "I feel like I'm the bad guy now if I have to correct people in how to say 'live'. It's not live, its LIVE!"

In its second year of running, GuildWars2Live created a guild in Guild Wars 2 called "Live And Let Live". The team decidedly figured that within its context others would finally understand the correct word used for GuildWars2Live. It's obvious that the first 'live' in GuildWars2Live matches up with the first 'live' in the guild name, and not the second. Still these efforts have been in vain.

Twitch.tv representative, John H., interviewed various members of the GuildWars2Live staff for insight as to how exactly the channel has remained as the longest persistent Guild Wars 2 live streaming channel. Whenever 'live' was brought up with any staff member, things got ugly fast and no interview ever reached it's end.

"We were mislead to think that Twitch added a 20 second delay to all channels in order to help us dissolve this silly idea of being 'LIVE'", says Align, a former GuildWars2Live streamer. " Yet end users persist to use the incorrect version of 'live' in our name. You're tearing us apart, Twitch!"

It seems that no amount of references will stand out to persuade the mind. It's not so easy as it turns out. If only there was someone who knew the true meaning 2 live.

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