Beached Whales Found In Lions Arch

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Beached Whales Found In Lions Arch

Postby CelestialCat » Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:42 pm

Three whales have recently beached themselves on the beaches of Lions Arch. Locals first noticed the humpback whales shortly after the recent visit by Mad King Thorn and quickly called local Authorities and Aqua man in to help the gentle giants.

Theories have been made as to why these humpback whales have beached themselves with such ideas as giant crabs chasing them, whaling boats or that the whales simply wanted to join the recent Mad King Thorn parties, only to miss out by a day. One onlooker suggested that we shouldn’t worry as to why they are here but instead suggested not letting the whales go to waste and having a beach BBQ of whale burgers. That onlooker has since been taken into custody for their own safety by the Lion Guard.

Regardless of the theories (or ideas of BBQs) as to why these gentle giants beached themselves it is agreed that the whales are distressed and efforts are underway to calm the whales before attempts are made to refloat the animals back to sea.

So if you’re near Lions Arch please stop by and help a whale.
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