Crab BBQ At Southcove

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Crab BBQ At Southcove

Postby CelestialCat » Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:22 am

Citizens of Lion’s Arch feel safe again after news of the Lion guard’s triumph at Southcove. “We didn’t know if we should leave or stay after the lighthouse was destroyed by that giant crab monster. It’s bad enough having that pumpkin guy smashing the fountain, but giant crabs? What’s next, killer seagulls?” said one local, another was quoted saying “I’ve got enough crab meat to last a life time :D” followed by another saying “You’ll get sick of that much crab meat”. Thou while the locals wouldn’t mind this to be an annual event the Lion guard assures that its efforts have stopped any further assaults by the Karka and that it couldn’t have happened without the help of passing adventurers.

One local asked “But what about the whales?” with the Durmand Priory responding by saying that with the Ancient Karka defeated the whales are safe again. And with the threat by the Karka minimized the Lion Guard is now advertising Southcove as a new getaway where travelers can swim, jump, play and fight.

So come and enjoy crab meat, warm waters and the sunny shores of Southcove.

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