Guild Wars 2 in the months ahead

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Guild Wars 2 in the months ahead

Postby Align » Tue Jan 15, 2013 1:06 pm

2013 has begun and ArenaNet has big plans for this year!

A blog post by Colin Johanson has revealed some of the plans for 2013, and here at GuildWars2Live we are very excited! The blog post is big, but doesn’t go in depth with any specific part of the game, it touches on the various areas of the game and the improvements they will make for each of them.

First up are the live events. We have already experienced some of them with the Lost Shores, Halloween and Wintersday events. These are the events that play out a story in the world over a set amount of time many of them allowing players of all levels to cooperate. We can probably expect to see more of these events in the future.
This is not the only good PvE news though.

There are plans to revamp the Achievement system, so there are different daily achievements for each day, and the offer a new token reward system. They are still sticking to the non-treadmill gear progression, so in 2013 we won’t see another tier between ascended and legendary.

The most exciting thing in the blog post to me was the talk of new “Guild Missions”. These are missions made for Guilds to complete together, and they will offer rewards for the guilds, so it looks like the “Guild” is finally coming back in “Guild Wars”.
For WvW they are going to try and implement some of these live events, as well as adding a new advancement system with some new titles and even WvW-only abilities.

sPvP seems to be getting a reward system overhaul as well, and a system that will match you against players of similar skill level. Of course they also mention custom matchmaking and spectator function which are going to be two crucial features if GW2 is ever going to be an eSport.

There’s more stuff in the actual blog post I haven’t mentioned here, so go read it if it caught your attention. ... ths-ahead/

Guild Wars 2 is not a perfect game, but with the improvements ArenaNet keep bringing to the table it certainly improves on what’s already a fantastic game!

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