Guild Wars 2 Update on PVP This Month

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Guild Wars 2 Update on PVP This Month

Postby emking » Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:21 am

Guild Wars 2 is going to update at the end of this month. The new prelude brings a lot of new contents. has interviewed the famed Guild Wars 2 lead designer Colin Johanson on the next major update. In Guild Wars 2, there’s very special WVW (World PVP). And in the coming patch, WVW is having great change.

Colin Johanson said there would be an important update on WVW in Guild Wars 2. Due to the complexity of WVW game and lots of test works need to be done, they may only have time to test and fix problems in March.

New system will be released in March. When player’ rank raises, he can be rewarded with brand new skills and bonus. The WVW team will talk about the detailed change before the release.

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