Cash/Gem shop ideas

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Cash/Gem shop ideas

Postby Hizagui » Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:14 am

Hi everyone

The other day i watched a video about GW2 and at some point someone mentioned /dance animations.
Shortly after that this idea came to my head:

What if Arenanet sold new /dance animations on their shop? (i know GW1 had some "rare" dance's out of collectors edittions).
So i decided, I'm going to make a forum post about this idea, and then I changed my mind again.

What if someone has more ideas for the Gem shop?

So i went and made a forum post about it so everything regarding this topic has a place of its own.

Looking foward to see the kind of stuff you guys will want to see there (and heres to hoping Arenanet reads some of it xD).

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Re: Cash/Gem shop ideas

Postby sevendash » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:09 pm

That's a pretty fantastic idea. I would love my female Dervish CE dance back even if it meant a few bucks worth of gems. :)

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Re: Cash/Gem shop ideas

Postby Fyrebrand » Thu Dec 20, 2012 6:00 pm

There are a lot of interesting possibilities, but one that comes to mind for me is from Aion: along with various emotes and dances and such, you could actually buy new animations for your character's regular behaviour. For example, you could change the way you stand, walk, and run. There was this really cool "ninja run" animation that I would totally buy in GW2 if it were available.

On another site, someone once suggested a piñata, which sounds awesome to me. Imagine, you buy this stuffed animal, which stays there for, say, a half hour -- and any player who walks up to it gets a chance to whack it and get a random prize. What will it be? A scrap of jute cloth? A rare weapon? A mini-pet? Some food? The really valuable prizes would of course be exceedingly rare, but it would always be exciting whenever anyone brings one out.

ArenaNet should rethink how some of their cosmetic perks function in the game, though.

Town Clothes: I don't think there should even be "town clothes." There should be item skins that you can purchase with Gems, and those skins should be available for you to apply to whatever piece of gear you want. Maybe there could be a tab in your Hero panel where you can pick the skins you own from a drop-down list, and toggle them on/off. The current way they've gone about it is a restrictive hassle.

Mini-Pets: These should be fun to collect and show off, but instead I only bothered to get two of them so far, and almost never have them with me. The reason? They take up inventory space in my bags, and when I click "Depost All Collectables" the mini-pet goes back to my bank! Seriously!? Again, a separate tab or menu for a mini-pets roster would be greatly appreciated, with the ability to freely summon/dismiss them as desired.

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Re: Cash/Gem shop ideas

Postby Snebzor » Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:17 pm

I totally agree with Fyrbrand regarding a separate tab for minipets. In Guild Wars 1 they were something to show off, in GW2 they're just something you chuck in your bank. I never see anyone showing off minipets.

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