Hiya! Rin here! BOOM!

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Hiya! Rin here! BOOM!

Postby RinTheAsura » Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:37 pm

Hello hello!

A friend told me about here and maybe someday I'll be streaming with you all? If not, it's all good! My Twitch.tv name is RinTheYordle. I'm an artist by heart, but obviously the fabulous worlds of video games pulled me in and are my inspiration for art!

I'm known as a Yordle to most since that's where first started getting noticed in League of Legends. Now that I've found my home in GW2 though, a lot of my game time has been focused there. I'm a full time assistant manager at Gamestop until I can get my foot in the door in the industry though, so I'm usually very busy.

However! I am working on my stream channel a lot. I have a lot of new things coming up, such as Rin's Lab, where I'll be talking about patch notes and questions from new and veteran players. I also do jumping puzzles with my viewers, and have been planning to do dungeon runs for people who need it and anything else we can think of. My co-host/guest who usually is online and helping me run things is my best friend Lenard. We will be having guest talkers come in and talking about the show a lot, too! Much is planned and MUCH coming up soon! We're growing a lot!

I'll even be doing giveaways with gem cards and drawings!

But this is all in the works! I'm on vacation right now but I hope to be streaming more very soon and getting back into a frequent schedule! In the mean time, HELLO! If you draw too, GIVE ME YOUR DA! I'd love to chat with other artists! Heck I like chatting anyways. HI EVERYONE!

Oh. I'm constantly hyped up on Elixir B too. JUST WARNING.

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Re: Hiya! Rin here! BOOM!

Postby Swiftimus » Fri Sep 27, 2013 9:44 pm

Welcome Rin! Glad to have you!

Also, your art is super awesome! :)

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