[EU] LF Guild for SPVP & WVWVW

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[EU] LF Guild for SPVP & WVWVW

Postby Antman72 » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:30 pm

Am I right for your guild?
To find out, I sat down in front of a mirror to interview myself.

Where are you from?
England, but I grew up in Canada. I’m Canlish. Or Engladian. Not sure.

How old are you?

Why are you crying?
*mumbles something into tissue*

Have you been playing MMOs long?
My last real-life friend gave up on me at roughly the same time as The Burning Crusade came out.

What have you played?
Pretty much everything. I have primarily played WoW though. I love MMOs. I even almost downloaded Evony. But I’m not sure if that was because of the boob marketing strategy or not.

What’s your PvP experience?
RBG’s and Arena in WoW. Rage in EvE. Confusion in LOTRO. Bliss and awe and joy in GW2.

What race/class will you be playing in GW2?
A pain in the butt, dual-dagger-wielding Asuran Thief. Literally a pain in the butt. That’s all I’ll be able to reach. May as well call me ASSuran. hahahahaha. I make me laugh.
OR I’d play a fully support specced Guardian. I’ve really enjoyed being irritating during point captures/defending. Whatever your guild requires.

Are you any good?
I was a successful resto druid in RBG’s, and did Arena as best I could. But it’s never been too friendly a place for rdruids. Dogs kept peeing on me in there.

When are you available?
My job has odd times. So I am online some mornings and weekends. Then again at about 9pm UK time after getting home from work, eating, satisfying my wife (aka, pouring her wine), and getting the kids to bed (aka, chaos). I play as often as I can.

What will you focus on in GW2?
I want to do sPvP tournaments and maybe some WvW when not doing that (otherwise I may never get past level 2). I love crafting too! This will be a good excuse to get out and see the virtual world.

What type of guild are you after?
Fun, mature, non-elitist PvP’ers who enjoy winning, but don’t freak the hell out when they lose. It’s just a game after all. I am also very active in guild forums when I am at work, and guild chat when I am online. As for voice comms, I can listen, but not always chat as the PC is in the same room as our TV. God forbid I disturb my wife while Nigella Lawson is on!

Anything else you’d like to add?
No thanks. I suck at maths.

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