Swords of Villanousity

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Swords of Villanousity

Postby Batt » Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:58 pm

The Swords of Villanousity is a democratic, multi-game, gaming guild originally founded in January 2000 on the MORPG, Well of Souls. We are an evil-aligned guild with a strong roleplaying heritage, although we are not a roleplaying guild per se. We maintain a high set of standards and focus on quality in our membership rather than just quantity. We have been a strong, ubiquitous presence on a number of games over the years and are now adding Guild Wars 2 to our current main line-up of games; League of Legends and Rappelz.

We are an international guild with members from North America, Europe, Oceania and a number of places in-between. We will be based on Sea of Sorrows in the NA region, bringing with us many veterans of the original Guild Wars. We aim to excel in all forms of play, as dictated by member interest and are thusly primarily a PvX guild, however, presently we have a particular interest in WvW. Accordingly, we are interested in forging links with other guilds on the world that will be participating in WvW, for the sake of effective co-ordination. Naturally, we are also considering applications for membership, whether via our forum, which will result in full membership to the guild or just on an in-game membership basis which, whilst easier to obtain, will limit the amount of participation possible in the guild's democratic processes and events.

For anyone who's interested to see what we're like, feel free to visit us here; http://forums.villanousity.com

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