US Server Dragon Brand Guild- Crescent Moon

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US Server Dragon Brand Guild- Crescent Moon

Postby Azabella420 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 4:10 pm

Still Looking for a Guild? ★~Ministry of the Crescent Moon~★ is recruiting specific types of players. We don't pride ourselves on obtaining as many members as possible, we pride ourselves on obtatining as many QUALITY people as possible. We are a US based, laid back mature guild, who have been gaming for 10+years, most are ages 25+ who have real real life, professions, and work for a living :) Our guild seems to be perfect for couples, parents, and individuals who want to escape their day to day professional lives and chill with intelligent witty people! We pride ourselves on our dry humor, laughter, and having a good time with good people. We strive to uphold game etiquette, and a respectful gameplay enviornment. We aren't zooming to power level to get to raiding ASAP (but when we do get there, we tend to rock it!), we like to smell the roses along the way and enjoy what the game has to offer. We offer Ventrilo, a FB page, and a website. ★ If your looking for a chill enviornment free of assholes, politics, and drama, you have found it! ★ Ask Azulia.2650 in game for more information!

Visit our site and apply:

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