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Hello from Elloa

Postby Elloa » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:26 am


Who am I in real life??

  • I'm a female of 33year old (and I still feel like 25..hate to age now)
  • I'm from Belgium, and live in Waterloo, the city where the french Emperor Napoleon had been defeated by the English and Prussian.
  • I'm french speaker. I apologies for my mistakes in english
  • I've two kids. A daugher of 13, and a son of 7. They live 1 week with me, 1 week with my son's father (my daughter's father have kinda abandoned her)
  • I'm working in a shop for hyperproteined diet. I don't care so much about the job, but I love my boss <3
  • My boyfriend is my twinsoul. He is Norvegian. We found each other in World of Warcraft, and he moved from Norway just to live with me <3
  • I live in a small appartement with a small garden together with my brother (who sleeps early), my boyfriend (who sleeps late), and my 2 kids (who make me get up early).
  • I've no religion, but I'm a believer. I guess I'm sort of "new ageist". Well, a bit of this, and a bit of that, and all mixed it's "my own religion". My main influence are the Dalaï Lama, Buddhism, Angels (the real ones), and Neil Walch (Conversation with God)

My experience in MMO

  • I started with Anarchy Online in 2003 (I think) and Acheron Call II later
  • I played WOW since the Eu beta, till one year ago. I started on french roleplay servers, then switched for English servers.
  • I've co-lead, or founded different roleplay project. I've also lead the PVE section of a PVP guild : Wardens, where I met my boyfriend and some of my best friends
  • I've founded the community Whitestar together with my boyfriend when we loved each other in secret and had only the internet to spend time together.
  • I've tried Rift, Aion, Age of Conan, but didn't played those seriously
  • I've played K-Tera, SWTOR and Tera+ alpha, and all betas on Eu servers with Whitestar
  • The Secret World with my boyfriend

What game I'm playing today?
  • My Main game is GW2. I'm playing a Mesmer Sylvari, Elloa
  • Tera (Tempest Reach, NA). I've a Mystic High Elf, Elloa, and a Sorcerer Aman, Eloa (Out of sub for now)
  • The Secret World, I'm playing a Templar : Céleste Elloa Collins. I'm messing arround with different builds Elemental/Shotgun or Elemental/Pistols, but will certainly try out different things. (out of sub for now)
  • Diablo III, either a barbarian with my boyfriend, or a demonhunter with my daughter.
  • Minecraft. I was playing on Voxelbox, until my game crashed to much, or on some Whitestar server, but decided to play solo on creative mode.
  • I usualy do not play so much Solo games.

My character in GW2

  • Elloa, Mesmer Sylvari
  • Jewelery/Artifice

I really love Mesmer, both for questing and for Pvping. I've not experimented any sort of dungeon yet, but I'm sure I'll love the supportive side of the Mesmer in a group.
I really like the feeling of the class, how you cast your spells, roll arround, trick your ennemy, fade away, sent your clone, come back, etc...

  • Elloa Fallbreeze, Norn Ranger
  • Leatherworking/Huntsman
I started with her and loved her until I discovered my Mesmer. I'm not playing her at all for the moment, but who know? I might come back to it later.
I'm a bit disapointed to see so much Norn with the same haircut than I, so it kinda spoil my pleasure to play her.

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