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These are some of the staff responsible for creating and running GuildWars2Live. We are real people, real gamers and professionals at what we do. An extended list of the staff members can be found on the forums.

Peter Chan is the founder and web developer for GW2Live from Toronto. He has 3 years of experience working in the games industry, specifically for MMORPG publishers as Game Support and Community Manager. All games interest him, but only Tetris Attack remains timeless. That and rainbow Chips Ahoy.
Rasmus Roy (Align) is from Denmark, and he's a Community Manager and streamer. As a veteran PvE player in Guild Wars, Align plans on focusing a lot more on PvP in Guild Wars 2, and also doing some gameplay commentary.
Punchki is a Polish born gamer who lives in Michigan, US. He is studying Electrical Engineering and working as a Cyber Security manager at University. His hobbies include 3D Modeling, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, and playing with his adorable daschund!
Tine Sionnach has been playing MMOs since Ultima Online beta and DJing in games since 2002. He plays every MMO that comes out to stay informed on as many as possible. Tine served in Iraq for 2 years with the US Army (2003-2005). He is now a disabled veteran, however he is still a dang country boy who camps, fishes and hunts.
The Lazy Geek loves video games and geek culture. He is an apprentice of web design and teller of tall tales. He has seen things you wouldn't believe. He has seen Wind Riders on fire in the Sage Lands; Rail gun beams glittering in the dark near the DM17 jump pad. But all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.
Sameguy (Chris) started PC gaming at an early age with RTS' like Warcraft 2, and Dune 2000. He is looking forward to going to college to become a Carpenter/Joiner, also his hobbies outside of streaming are currently unknown, however we speculate it has to do with the trafficking of kittens to the land of Awesome Fluffnessocity.
Mokuren enjoys gaming, baking, knitting, long walks, drawing and tricking Zekas into doing the household chores. She's involved in an anime website and a manga scanlation group. She shares her house with Zekas and Neko the cat. Moku currently works in a flowershop, but will start studying Communication and Multimedia Design in September.
Zekas is a gamer an all around geek residing in the rolling hills and glorious landscapes of an unknown country. He is finishing up his studies for Network Infrastructure Designer and spends his little free time gaming. Highly classified sources indicate he owns an Xbox 360 and plays D&D. We have also managed to uncover that he will likely play a thief in Guild Wars 2.
Psyko is Canadian, eh. A highly competitive player with the attitude of a comedian. He enjoys making people laugh, listening to music.. Mostly heavy metal and watching Dragonball Z, his favorite character is Goku and favorite quote is: "I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster." Psyko is also studying different languages and Archaeology.
Geekasaurus is a dinosaur in the tech industry. He's been building systems since the late 1980s. He has been gaming on PC's since 1981 where his grandparents (working for IBM) purchased the first PC. His very first PC game was Zork. He is a Grand Master Bronze SC2 Player who has problems with rage. He has been playing MMOs since Meridian 59.
Sabre Wolf Sabre Wolf first started gaming in 2003 with the Lan Party Club in college with Counter Strike. He continued to play CS:CZ on a top 10 pub sever untill Guild Wars Factions came out. After 10,000+ hours Guild Wars gaming, became a theory crafter/buildsmaker and been featured several times on ANET's own website.
Bakamono failed to succeed at anything in "real life" and subsequently withdrew into the wonderful world of "Interwebz". This has left him incredibly susceptible to memetic attacks and nerd-culture references. Has an unhealthy obsession with language and grammar. Suffers from bouts of rage. Herp derp, herp-a-derp derp.