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Guild Wars 2 Making Gold 2013 Version

Added: March 22, 2013

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Basically I have a method I go about making gold in MMORPG's. This really isn't just native to this game. You do have the aspects of this game in the video. It's simply because it's relative to the game itself. Bu

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 19 "The Forg

Added: January 7, 2013

Watch Episode 18 "Enter The Shatterer" And we are back at it again with the main storyline missions. I took a quick detour taking on The Shatterer but here we are more quest story fun.

Guild Wars 2 Chronicles of Fate 17 "Liberating Apathi

Added: December 31, 2012

Watch Episode 16 here: Sometimes missions hit you in the heart strings this one of those missions. If I could I would of never left Apathia and killed every damn Krait there. But it wasn't in the cards and thi

Guild Wars 2 Chronicles of Fate 16 "Battle for Fort T

Added: December 29, 2012

Watch Episode 15 Here: It looked pretty hopeless in this mission but they did their thing. And by storylines sake it was a pretty epic mission to go through.

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles Of Fate Episode 13 "Forging

Added: December 19, 2012

Follow Me On Twitter: Watch Episode 12: In this episode we help Trahearne become more respected between the 3 factions.

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles Of Fate Episode 11 {Into The

Added: December 8, 2012

This mission quest was LONG but fun nonetheless. I was way stronger this time around with fate than I was with storm. Made the whole thing a done deal before it started. But if you enjoy storyline this one will be for you. You can watch earlier episode

Guild Wars 2 Chronicles Of Fate Episode 10 Fib Logic

Added: December 5, 2012

After we left off last time we made a choice to go find help for the siege of Lions Arch.

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