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Guild Wars 2: Living Story First Part How To

Added: January 29, 2013

A quick run down on how to do the first part of the Living Story Quest. You get a free 5000 karma at the end of it. Pretty simple in doing just use 3 characters or 2 but you'll see in the vid

Frost and Fire Rains Down On Us Review

Added: January 29, 2013

Well we are here again a new patch new events and new things to conquer. First off quaggin back yea NO! I however like the broomstick mount even though it does nothing in making you faster.

Guild Wars 2: How to farm Gold at Level 80 2.0 versio

Added: November 28, 2012

Originally I made a how to make gold series for beginners and Veterans. The problem is Orr got nerfed...

The Shatterer World Boss

Added: September 27, 2012

Here's my raw reaction to seeing the Shatterer in-game for the first time.

Azy's BWE3 Vid - Siege of Greenbriar - Last Stand

Added: July 30, 2012

Technically part two of the siege of Greenbriar videos.

Azy's BWE3 Vid - Siege of Greenbriar - Part Two

Added: July 30, 2012

Additional gameplay footage from the Siege of Greenbriar, including a few "highlights" of Jade Quarryians!

Azy's BWE3 Vid - Siege of Greenbriar - Part One

Added: July 30, 2012

Gameplay footage from the epic Siege of Greenbriar. WvW gameplay footage.

Tyria Talk - Legendary Endgame

Added: July 13, 2012

In episode 32, I discuss the livestream announcements that Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum gave on 7/12/12.

KirbyzaGamer - BWE2 Finale - The Corruption

Added: June 19, 2012

Recap of the Corruption Finale of the 2nd Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2.

Nightelf Raidpro

Added: June 13, 2012

Trying GW2? Don't Be This Guy

Coehl's BWE2 Footage Collage

Added: June 13, 2012

Random moments with Coehl in BWE2

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