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Guild Wars 2 Storming The fractals 9

Added: March 23, 2013

Watch Episode 8= This is a tough weekend for me so many games to cover and a wrecked throat. So i won't be doing much commentary. I am still going to cover as much as I can no excuses. Here is my latest fracta

GW2: So We Are 80 What Now? Where do we go from here?

Added: February 20, 2013

Well it's been 6 months and most of us are level 80 now. So most people are saying at this point what now? Well I consider myself a good player who doesn't have the time to do everything. That pretty much sums up a lot of people. You have the try hard and

Guild Wars 2 Storming The Fractals LVL 8

Added: February 19, 2013

Watch Episode 7= My fractals more love and hate and killing on to the next level enjoy :)

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Might Stacking 2.5

Added: February 14, 2013

It has been said guardians can no longer might stack it's not even worth doing Pretty much I'm going to tell you that is not the case. In fact I'll show you how high it can go in forced controlled tactics. Now you can't simply throw 20 stacks on some one'

Guild Wars 2 Storming The Fractals LVL 7

Added: February 13, 2013

Watch Episode 6= Almost a complete one shot fractal gotta love it when a plan comes together

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate 30 "Enter Claw of Jo

Added: February 6, 2013

Watch Episode 29= Fate's back after a little break to take on Jormag the Claw. We make him bow down and take a ice bath after beating up his toes.

Guild Wars 2 Storming The Fractals LVL 6

Added: February 5, 2013

Once again it's on and boy is it ever on. I decided to basically steam roll the fractals now. As well as showing off my Guardian 2.5 Build you can see the vid for that here This run was par for the course enj

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate 29 "Source Of Orr Fi

Added: February 3, 2013

Watch Episode 28= It all comes down to this. Finally getting rid of the corruption in Orr. It's been a very long road and who knows where it will end. But atleast the final nails in the coffin are being placed

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 28 "How did

Added: February 1, 2013

Watch Episode 28= Second to last episode with us zerging the Silent Cathedral. Nothing to hard to handle quest wise almost was too easy. This is actually episode 28 not 29 I skipped a episode because you tube

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 27 "What is

Added: January 30, 2013

Watch Episode 26= Another choice another one bites the dust reoccuring theme here.

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 26 "Tank Col

Added: January 27, 2013

Watch Episode 25= I found that I made a mistake I made this and episode 25 by mistake reversed. So this should of been 25 and 25 be 26 but its ok this works too. You basically get to see why Carys was emo last

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 25 "Fate Bri

Added: January 25, 2013

It's getting a little hairy my choices are getting people killed and I'm not liking that at all SSG On Facebook= SSG On Twitter= Like and Sub if you Enjoyed it have a good

Guild Wars 2: Flame and Frost Update Storm's Views

Added: January 23, 2013

So we have the new patch info up for Jan 28th on the main site. Plenty of good info there likes guesting and the changes to achievements. I hope this breathes life into a very empty world. Most of everyone who is online hides in the main cities. Or live i

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 24 "Rolling

Added: January 23, 2013

Watch Episode 23: Man nothing better than rolling deep in Orr with a pack of OP Sniper Npcs SSG On Facebook= SSG On Twitter= L

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 23 "I though

Added: January 21, 2013

Watch Episode 22= You should Know better in this game because drama just has to have it lol. SSG On Facebook= SSG On Twitter=

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 22 "This Ain

Added: January 19, 2013

Watch Episode 21= SSG On Facebook= SSG On Twitter= Like and Sub if you Enjoyed it have a good one!!! Fire that burns undead on

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 21 "What the

Added: January 17, 2013

SSG On Facebook= SSG On Twitter= Like and Sub if you Enjoyed it have a good one!!! More failed plans more Trehearne being OP and cheating lol.

Guild Wars 2: Chronicles of Fate Episode 20 "Through

Added: January 14, 2013

Watch Episode 19 here Did I ever tell you guys how plans never work in GW2's storyline? If not now I have plans NEVER work in GW2 storyline. Atleast not without something major going bad before it's good.

Guild Wars 2 Rollin With The Storm Game Review

Added: January 4, 2013

Follow me on twitter I was told last week you know Storm you have never done a review of Gw2 or your actual thoughts. So I said well damn you know what I never have. So here it is my thoughts on the game what could he

Guild Wars 2 Chronicles of Fate Episode 18 "Enter The

Added: January 3, 2013

Watch Episode 17 Here So I decided to side track off the storyline. Mainly hoping for some phat loots (failed). So....I decided to fight the Shatterer with Fate. Just to try it with a true ranged class. Well m

Guild Wars 2:Guardian Soldier Alpha Build

Added: December 29, 2012

Guardian: Soldier Alpha Build Calc Link This is officially a work in progress. By no means is it an end all or even 100% tested. It's just an alpha build with spirit weapons an idea to

Wintersday Tixx's first dungeon Stop in the Grove

Added: December 16, 2012

This is the first dungeon from the grove ship appearance. It wasn't hard at all a bit shockingly easy but I enjoined it :). It seem more like you were on vacation rather than in a dungeon.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Combos Extended Edition

Added: December 13, 2012

I went through most of the combo's with the Guardian's Weapons. A thing you need to understand about this game. You have combo fields and combo starters which are usually just skill attacks. And you have combo finishers which usually cancel skill attacks.

Guild Wars 2 Chronicles Of Fate Episode 12 Sneak Atta

Added: December 11, 2012

Watch Episode 11 here Latest Fate this time stopping Zhaitan's sneak attack on Vigil Keep.

Guild Wars 2: Guardian Berserker 3.0 Build

Added: December 9, 2012

Calc Build= See it in a dungeon here= Well to start with this will be the last one for this build. I think I got it as close to what I envi

Guild Wars 2 Paladin 2.0 PVP Round 2

Added: December 8, 2012

This is the part 2 to my first VID you can find below The Original Build for both vids is here I felt this was a better Showing for what I do even a you shall n

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