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Guild Wars 2: How to Endgame/Gold and Beyond Part 3

Added: November 28, 2012

I did a quick overview of things you can do at 80 in my opinion ofcourse. You are free to do whatever you like that makes things fun for you. It would be impossible for me to list every little thing here and have it be a short video. So I instead listed p

Tyria Talk - Legendary Endgame

Added: July 13, 2012

In episode 32, I discuss the livestream announcements that Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum gave on 7/12/12.

SageLikeOne - Q & A #26

Added: May 26, 2012

Endgame and why it is nice to be level 80

Tyria Talk - PvP or PvE Centric?

Added: May 22, 2012

I discuss whether GW2 is a PvP or PvE centric game. What do you think of this debate?

Tyria Talk - Incentive

Added: April 18, 2012

In episode 22, I discuss incentive in MMOs. What keeps players interested in a game when they hit max level?

Tyria Talk - Endgame

Added: October 7, 2011

Tyria Talk discusses Arenanet's plans for endgame in Guild Wars 2.

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