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The Breached Wall - Vista and Skill Challenge Guide

Added: September 11, 2012

This video shows how how to achieve the Breached Wall vista and skill challenge in the Diessa Plateau in Guild Wars 2.

Geekasaurus Guide: Queensdale 1

Added: September 2, 2012

This is a guide for the first 5 hearts to do in Queensdale, the Human starting area.

Wayfarer Foothills Map Completion Walkthrough

Added: September 1, 2012

I provide a voiced walkthrough of how to achieve 100% map completion in the Wayfarer Foothills in Guild Wars 2.

LA South East Vista and Jumping Puzzle Scyfo

Added: August 29, 2012

I show you how to get to the vista in LA that people find hard to locate as well as the jumping puzzle.

Tyria Talk - Launch Guide Part 3

Added: August 24, 2012

Launch guide aimed at helping new players get up to speed before the game launches on 8/28 (8/25 early access).

Geekasaurus: Lion's Arch Tour

Added: August 20, 2012

I show the new Lion's Arch along side of the old one.

Geekasaurus - Vistas!

Added: August 3, 2012

Vistas, Areneanet's answer to tunnel-vision in MMOs.

StayFrostyCinema- Thief Playtime Part 2

Added: July 4, 2012

Alex takes on his personal story and an epic skill point.

Azy's Guide - Skills Challenge - The Breached Wall

Added: July 1, 2012

A quick guide to doing the Skills Challenge at the Breached Wall.

Azy's Guide to Gate Travel via Lion's Arch and Mist

Added: May 21, 2012

How to use Asura Gates to travel to and from Lion's Arch and the Mist, and how to quickly get to WvWvW.

Azy's Guide to Cost of WvWvW Upgrades

Added: May 19, 2012

This is a guide to the various costs of upgrades and additions to Supply Camps, Towers, and Stonemist (sorry no keeps!)

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