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We could always use another helping hand on our team! GuildWars2Live is first little big step to even larger projects in the future. If you are passionate about gaming, love nurturing online communities, and aspire to turn play into work and work into play, then we want you!

There are many seats to be filled here! While our main focus is providing live video streaming free for fellow Guild Wars fans to enjoy, we also want to generate a continuously evolving home for viewers to read and discuss matters of the game that interest them with each coming season. Join our team not only to share your love for the game, or promote our website, but to achieve your personal goals and build upon existing strengths.

Check out the many positions we're looking for. These positions are not set in stone nor do you have to meet all the requirements listed. If you have a fun idea you'd like to share with our team, we would be happy to support you and make it happen! To apply, write an e-mail to We won't bite!

Non-profit note: We're creative fans delivering content free to other fans of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. We include ads on our website to support our projects and contests to attract a greater community. Yup, we've got nothing to hide! As an organization/club we're in a lot of debt - but the fun we have is worth our pocket money. Hopefully we can change that around though. Then in turn, the better we do, the more we can give back to the community and ultimately increase the fun to be had here for everyone!


Positions: Available

We're looking for someone to update our front page news with the latest developments for Guild Wars 2. This involves rehashing news while sharing your in-depth personal opinion or analysis. Additionally we're looking for writers who would be passionate about writing a monthly "state of the game" or journal regarding their on-going experience in Guild Wars. Entries should be honest, entertaining and easy to read.

  • Cover Guild Wars 2 news and updates for's front page.
  • Follow up with responses to community feedback.
  • Keeping up-to-date with Guild Wars 2 news and developments, as well as competing MMORPGs.
  • Entries overall must be written in a neutral or positive tone.
  • Strong English writing skills.
  • Possess excellent written communication skills.
  • A passion for games, not limited to MMORPGs.
  • An example of a published writing you wrote yourself or a new original article you wish to publish with us.
  • Ability to use our Adobe Photoshop templates to create simple images for covering news would be a plus. Images must follow the style as currently seen on our news.

Broadcaster (Streamer)

Positions: Available

We're always looking for more people to join this department for streaming their gaming experience live. Streamers are at the forefront of representing our website and delivering content to viewers. We believe every moment is a first and lasting impression for someone new to our website. It is just as important to maintain those impressions over time. If you want to add another element of social interaction to your game, whether it be sharing your playstyle or getting input from the audience, then consider streaming with us!

Instead of writing an e-mail to apply, please register on the forums and read the important topic found on this board to learn how to audition for the team!


Positions: 3 Available

We're in need of people with great interest in PvP and e-sports to help commentate on competitive gameplay. You will be responsible for hosting tournaments organized by Event Planners and represent any partners or sponsors to such events. Having previous experience is a plus, though if you show us that you have the passion to grow in this area we'll be happy to work on it with you. Shoutcasters are likely to be some of the most entertaining assets to our team.

Community Manager

Positions: None

This must be someone who is passionate about what we do here at The community manager will encourage others to take part in activities and help promote our events and social networks.

  • Working with other departments in order to best represent GuildWars2Live.
  • Update social networks with news and content reflecting our main website.
  • Update, summarize, tag, and source videos in our video library.
  • Provide leadership to motivate and maximize the impact of online community's efforts.
  • Monitor important online discussions and events to make sure GuildWars2Live is participating and represented.
  • Help find ways to improve GuildWars2Live's website.
  • Identify key influencers in the Guild Wars 2 community in order to establish relationships, partners and collaborations.
  • Report amount of activity at community sites.
  • Qualitative report of community and viewer responses.
  • A hardcore passion for games, not limited to MMORPGs.
  • Possess excellent written communication skills.
  • Be adept at conveying a positive disposition in all written communications.
  • Enjoy interacting with people of all personality types.
  • Have created some online content of your own.
  • Be capable of working with Microsoft Word, Adobe PhotoShop and HTML.
  • Stay up to date on new social media tools, best practices and how other organizations and companies are using them.