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Posted on October 22, 2011

This is a recorded live show as seen from I wanted to start a new live show that is more geared towards our subscribers while still entertaining our live audience.

In this episode I play through the dungeon "Fronis Irontoe's Lair" and cover some recent topics that have been happening in the Guild Wars community.

It was done at the spur of the moment, therefore not too much detail went into the topics I wanted to cover. It's also quite difficult to play and discuss OTHER topics at the same time, though doing things live is what we're all about.

In time and with your help, we'll slowly evolve this show into something catered towards our subscribers' questions, so at this early stage, the show will be sort of random, sprinkled with tidbits of news. This should keep us busy until the public Guild Wars 2 beta begins!

For the next show, I would like our subscribers to please leave questions in the comments (or tweet them) for me to talk about. For the purpose of this channel, they should be Guild Wars 1 / 2 related... but I wouldn't mind talking about other game related stuff if anyone wants my opinion... plus I probably need the filler anyway!