Register for the win!

Posted on October 7, 2011

Gamescom. Day 1.

Bakamono introduces us the skills of the Asura Guardian. It's short lived by some temporary freezing though.


A big thank you to NCsoft, ArenaNet and Carbine for being so awesome to our crew on the convention show floor. You guys made the impossible happen for us!

Huge thank you to NCsoft for allowing us follow their streaming.

Please give thanks to Zekas, Mokuren, Dutchdude, Bakamono, BrentNewbury, FrizzFreston and many others... for their blood and sweat on the Gamescom floor, making even awesome. Many thanks to LoremasterKaae, CelestialCat and saving the stream when Peter needed it. Thanks to Malchior for shedding light on PvP live. Thanks to Angelicaudrea, Rolin and Maebbie for also helping Kaae moderate the high speed chat, keeping it clean.

Thank you all the fans like ourselves for watching our channel and spreading the word.

Special thanks to Nima for keeping Peter awake.