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Posted on November 7, 2011

Narrated by Dutchdude.
Video by Peter Chan.

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We spent 3 months on and off, mostly off, working on this short video. Guild Wars's story was never told this strongly, especially when Prophecies was first released. We hope this will help some people see the bigger picture in Guild Wars and for those who are new to the world, more appreciation for where Guild Wars 2 is coming from.

We haven't started work on episode 2 yet, but we would like to look for more helpers. Episode 2 is definitely longer than this first episode. We need talents such as students who are strong with After Effects, players with sufficient hardware for recording in-game footage, or even animators to re-create moments never before seen in Guild Wars. If you would like to help tweet @peter_chan or @guildwars2live.

We hope you enjoyed our first episode on the lore of Guild Wars! If you did, tell your friends about us!


Huge thanks to ArenaNet, Peter Fries and Regina for tweeting about our video here, here and here! Our video gained an additional 16000 views in one day!

Thank you to all viewers and sharing this and to our friends on Reddit!