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Posted on July 10, 2013

I gotta admit I like the new zone. I like zipping around everywhere with the temporary skills. And the challenge of finding sky crystals, well all of them anyway. The most fun however is the Mario Kart like Sanctum Sprint. The rofl and LOL's from that can keep you entertained for awhile. I won a race in the beginning of my try's and haven't won since lol. The new quartz gear is a nice addition. However most people will probably use this gear as a new magic find set.

All in all this one is was a nice addition. I didn't know how much the UI of the achievement system was terrible. Until it was redone and we have this new version to use. I still think enough with the back items though lol....So what fun did you get out of all this? I've been "Mario Karting" since I got to the top of the hill. I didn't think I'd play it as much but I do. Sometimes it's the weird little things I don't know why.