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Dragon Bash is here and the response is mixed. I however like it no it doesn't blow me away but I do like it. And I'll do what I need to do for those wings feel me? You can only do 8 out of the 14 achievements this week. So no wings for us this week as you need 10 for the meta. Below is what you can actually do right now. For exact locations you can check the vid.
This achievement is one of the easiest. 250 pieces of candy needs to be consumed. Do not buy the pieces I know it's tempting. But while taking on So Lifelike you get dragon coffers. These coffers give you plenty candy. By the time you finish that achievement you will have plenty of candy to spam.
*Color In the Sky
Like Zhaitasty you can easily get fireworks from doing So lifelike. Then spam fireworks to all get out. Bring a book it will take a long time
*Paper Dragons
Really easy just smash pinata's in Lions Arche. You can see exactly where in the video. To make this easy I suggest using alts.
*Winners Circle
Also simple just bet on the winning Moa and hope they win. You have a 20% chance of winning. Don't get addicted to it you can hit a bad streak of luck. You only need to win 3 times for this one. Also not shown in the video you can bid on any of the five birds not just the first two listed.
*Dragon Ball Achievement
Dragon Bash is a pvp brawl where you have 1 skill at start. You get more after you run over orbs. It's fun as all hell and by far to me the highlight of the event. You need to attend 20 matches for the first achievement. And you need 20 wins which is not that easy. So it's better to just get out there and enjoy it.
*So Lifelike Achiement
Quick note it's very hard to do holo kills during the day. So group up and work with the zone rather then try and race it. This can make doing that achievement easy and enjoyable running around with other players.
*Meet the Host
Again check the video for exactly where they are. Just talk to each one I don't think you need all 8. Because I got to the 6th person and got credit.
In all everything needed is very easy to accomplish. Only thing that will cause you some kind of headache. Is Dragon Ball pvp because teams can be downright good or downright bad. It's very fun however and I'm currently spamming it win lose or draw. I suggest you atleast give it a try it's the high light of the event besides the loot.
I left out the other achievements because you can't do them. I'll do the other half when they are all free to do.
Enjoy SS