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This is the third and most likely last one. I've been all over the game testing cycles. And the last three videos I made seems to be the best bet. For Frostgorge the cycle starts at the Northwestern most way point. You start by taking out the armored fish there. And proceed to take down three more quick bosses.

Takes you no less then 3-4 minutes if that. You then head to the Skyheight way point. And take out the Drake Champion Northwest of there. Be fast or you may miss out on the kill. From here depends on your commander. Because I have seen several methods on what to do before heading back to the armored fish champ.

Most popular right now is farming the Aetherblade champs in the Skyheight Area. But the lazy boy way which maybe better. Is go to the Earthshake way point take out the troll to the west. Then head back to the fish for a easy lazy boy 6-7 exotic bags in 9 minutes. Other variations to this method exist of course. This is just the way I seen it done on 5 servers.

So enjoy and send me a screenshot of your characters new look or gear. When you're balling in the game geared out.

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