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Hey Guys!

ArenaNet has released more information about an upcomming update for January 2013 concerning the Fractals of the Mist dungeon hub for Guild Wars 2.
As most of you already know, the Fractals of the Mist is a dungeon hub made of multiple smaller mini-dungeon, or Fractals. It appears ArenaNet has some big plans for this Dungeon Hub in the future, but in order to expand it they first need a solid base. The January update for GW2 will be a big step in the right direction.

For one, the major problem people had was being unable to rejoin your party after a disconnect. ArenaNet is changing the way Guild Wars 2 handles the disconnect when it comes to the Fractals of the Mist dungeons, allowing players to rejoin their party and fininsh what they started!

In addition, changes will be made to the mechanic that concerns the level of difficulty. Parties are now only able to do the lowest fractal difficulty level of one of their party members, leaving many casual players behind because the difference between casual players and more hardcore players has become to big. ArenaNet will change this in a more casual friendly manner, which allows players with a low Fractal level to still team up with better experienced Fractal explorers and gain new Fractal levels!

All this stuff is very interesting since it is creating a solid base for future expansions of the Fractals of the Mist dungeon hub, and let's be fair - that is what we are all REALLY looking forward to, right!?

I for one can't wait for ArenaNet to get these updates in Guild Wars 2, but untill then, enjoy this video!

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